About Us

Professional, detailed, Competitive

We are specialist Window and door installation covering the whole Vancouver area for both commercial and domestic customers. Our specialist carpenters with a lifetime of experience in window and door installation, provide extensive services with high quality and an exclusive 10- year warranty for all of our installations.

we have emergency service and pre-Booked appointments for both commercial and domestic customers across the Vancouver area. we offer premium service with competitive prices. Our professional advisers deliver honest and impartial advice to determine our valuable customers' needs before submitting any order.

Step One: Measurement

After getting all measurements for installation or repair projects, we will call you back within 24 hours to double-check all necessary details. Also, you can arrange a Survey for your measurement by an appointment.

Step Two: Receive your estimation/Quotation

we will email your estimation within 48 hours that contains all your requested service fees and description.

Step Three: Accept the quotation

We will send over your invoice

Step Four: Relax

For custom window or door installation wait for your product to be manufactured and delivered to our storage. For standard service, with the available inventory, we will start the project as soon as possible based on our schedule, 3 to five business days.

Step Five: Work Time

Royal Glaziers working hours are Monday- Friday: 8:00 am - 4 pm and Saturday per request.

Step Six: Enjoy comfortable and warm house.

We issue our 10 years Guarantee, for windows and door installation. Enjoy your comfortable and warm house.