Whether you are looking to buy new doors and windows for your home or decide to replace the old leaky window to stop losing more heat and energy, Royal Glaziers is the place that has it all!!! You can trust our 20 years of experience.

Save Money + Earn Value

YES. With double and triple pane windows, you improve energy efficiency and use less energy which reduces your heating bill that you can figure out on your bill. Windows are one of the biggest visually noticeable parts of a house that offers a strong return for what you spend. Depending on where you live, what you go with midrange or upscale variety window, add value would be different.

How soon do you need to replace old windows?

If your curtains move when all windows are closed, it is a sign of air leaks that can increase your bills between 10 to 20 percent.

In case of moisture, blending, discoloration in window sashes or frames it is time to repair or replace your windows. In double or triple pane windows, moisture builds up between layers which is a sign of a broken seal. If your window is younger than 15 years old we can fix and repair them twithought changing the overall look of your window and home.

In general, the window’s life span depends on maintenance and climate or unexpected situations.

Up to $5000 Government Rebate

Provincial Government plans to encourage all homeowners in BC to change old windows and doors while this action leads to saving more energy. If you meet their requirement you may qualify for up to $100 per door and window.